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Why Writing Sprints Are the Best Thing Ever

It's 7:20A.M. on a Wednesday, and I have exactly 15 minutes before I pass the point of no return. I just started a new full-time writing job, which is a blessing, but together with the commute, it takes up about 12 hours a day. Not only is this a time drain, but it means that by the time I get home at night, I have zero energy to devote to writing.

Solution? I vowed to join the #5AMClub, that intrepid group of #writingcommunity warriors who rise before the sun on the daily to give their first waking hours to the craft. I admire these people. I am determined to become one of them.

Buuuuut today I overslept.

Only till 6:15A.M., but as a result, I ended up lying there for another 15 minutes thinking I'd screwed up and might as well not bother, and then I finally decided to haul my ass out of bed but couldn't decide what to work on, and then before I knew it, it was 7:15 and I realized I had no time to accomplish any of the things I wanted. And yet... yet I still had 20 minutes.

Time for a writing sprint.

For those who have never done one, a writing sprint is basically a timed exercise in which you write as much as you possibly can, without stopping or self-editing, until time runs out. That's what I'm doing now, which might explain why this post is a little more scattered than my usual piercing brilliance. And not only is it a helpful trick to get words on the page; I would argue that it is perhaps the most important exercise in your writing arsenal.

A writing sprint is great for the following:

1) Building confidence

2) Breaking through writer's block

3) Making subconscious discoveries

4) Discovering your true voice

5) Getting shit done

6) Digging up new subject matter

I'm out of time now, but before I run I just had to add #6, because I realized that thanks to this writing sprint, I now have six new points to delve into in my next post. Until then... got a favorite technique or tip? Tell me about it in the comments!

Meagan Daine is a television writer and podcast writer interested in cons, cults, and other ways people try to take over the world. Catch her latest podcasts at Parcast on Spotify, or follow her on Twitter/IG: @writeordienow

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